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Around 2010 and 2011 Continuous Deployment (or Continuous Delivery) had a lot of buzz and minimal acceptance. These days continuous deployment is the norm for many organizations and comes highly recommended. It has been proven by the likes of Flickr, Facebook, Etsy, IMVU, and Wealthfront, to name a few.

This blog post is simply a categorized list of links and resources to learn more about continuous deployment. Unlike a traditional blog post, I'll likely be updating this over time much as I find more resources.

  • Originally Posted: February 2, 2013
  • Updated: December 14, 2015

Note: Somtimes continuous deployment is also referred to as continuous delivery.


For a while, Continuous Deployment was a popular subject for talks and presentations. Here's a short list of what I have found so far.

ArchCamp Meetup on March 30, 2012

The topic for the lightning talks at ArchCamp on March 30, 2012 was Continuous Deployment. There's not a lot of detail on the page itself but there are a few presentations listed including the one listed below.

Companies Using Continuous Deployment

Various companies have written about how they have implemented continuous deployment in their organization.


IMVU has been using continuous deployment techniques for years and was an early proponent.


Wealthfront was previously known as kaChing and is a financial services startup that users continuous deployment.


Etsy is another large user of continuous deployment.


Flickr uses what I think is one of the most important pieces in the continuous deployment puzzle: feature flags (Flickr calls them flippers). It also seems to be one of the least written about best practices for continuous deployment, yet it can make life so much easier for the team.


Although it never is explicitly mentioned, Facebook definitely uses continuous deployment techniques: rolling features incrementally, continuous integration, automated testing, and push button deployment.

Empower Campaigns

Empower had implemented an full continuous deployment pipeline and used "extreme feedback" to keep track of it all.

Open Source Software

Continuous Integration Automatic or push button deployment

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration and Deployment Services

Several continuous deployment as a service companies exist. Here is a list in no particular order.


There are also a couple of book on the subject. I have read and own a copy of only the first book on this list.

More Links

There are a few fairly decent Quora topics on the subject of continuous deployment. One of the authors of Continuous Delivery also has a website and blog dedicated to the subject.


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